Apr 14, 2014

Because of Him video


Feb 15, 2014

T NATION | Fixing your Posture...

T NATION | Hips Don't Lie: Fixing Your Force Couples.. this means your muscles could be pulling you forwards or backwards... this article explains how to get balanced.

Jan 1, 2014


love bugs - http://pinterest.com/pin/283937951476374116/

Sep 9, 2013

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies I am making for my FaMiLy!

Irresistible Peanut Butter Cookies 
.... these delights I am baking for my FaMiLy! Yum… try these yourself!


♥ Suzanne ♥ 

Sep 5, 2013

Hello Friends! I'm BAck!

Hi Friends,
I am back to blog world, now that I have graduated the occupational therapy assistant program at Green River Community College in Auburn, Washington.
I also completed my COTA exam and am working on call as a COTA at the moment waiting for my license to be finalized.

I wanted to give you bits of my world that I am collecting in Pinterest! Digital scrapbooking details like this delight below for FREE!

I will be showing off many new fun ideas for inspiration to create in your world!

Suzanne ♥

Aug 15, 2012

~Connect 4 Icebreaker Game~

Hello... I have been in school so long it seems like forever since I have been on here...   I made up a great icebreaker game for a group party!                                               
 You will need a Connect 4 game, it doesn't matter the size.  Starting with you (the hostess with the mostest) stating your name and favorite (?) putting a game piece in the board and pass it around and have each person add the next piece trying to block the last... while they do this they do the same telling something about themself (example - favorite color or animal or food).
You get the point... change it to how it might work for your party!
Hope you enjoy this Icebreaker / Introduction game!